A Hazy Collision

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Gaëlle Elma

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Gaëlle Elma is a Haitian born, self-taught photographer based in Montreal, Canada. At first, she thought she wanted to be a dancer, but then she found purpose with being behind the camera. This new path allowed her to see the subtle perfection of everyday life.

Like the wind going through the leaves, the intensity of the sky on a grey afternoon, or the infinite possibilities of shades of green she can find in trees. Photography is a form of art that she is deeply grateful for because it has helped her find a sense of self and a voice, she thought she never had. This medium also helped her overcome internalized racism and biases that were buried deep within her. Through her photographs, she is able to challenge harmful ideas about topics such as sexuality, human bodies and blackness, framing them with an honesty and sensitivity that is often lacking in the media. Gaëlle aspires to be an accomplished photographer who will depicts in an honest way the often neglected subtle and complex layers of the human experiences. Gaëlle is on a journey of fulfillment and is amazed and grateful everyday of what life brought to her so far.

Presented by Massimadi Montréal Afro LGBTQ+ Film & Arts Festival


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