Jessica Prudencio: Intersections of Gastronomy and Feminism



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We discuss food and intersectional feminism with Jessica Prudencio.

This online talk is part 2 of “Conversations in Environmental and Social Justice”, a series of lectures that opens a space to discuss ecology, plants and food at the intersection of social networking and environmental justice.

Jessica Prudencio is a content creator and podcast host based in Montreal. She describes herself as a “fat intersectional feminist, pro-black, anti-racist, anti-diet, fat positive and sex positive”. Jessica uses her digital platforms to raise awareness about issues related to fatphobia, racism and feminism. Inclusion and self-confidence are at the heart of her approach. She also offers her community all kinds of exciting experiences, both culinary and cultural, and shares her love of fashion and gastronomy. She shares her best food addresses in Montreal, and even around the world (when we’re not in the midst of a global pandemic), through her mouth-watering photos.





Language: French

Moderator: Leticia Trandafir

This event will take place on Zoom.

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