Practice #22: Sonic apophenia by
Philippe Vandal


Never Apart
7049 Rue St–Urbain
Montreal, QC H2S 3S4

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saturday, february 17th, 4pm, free entry, all ages

we would like all guests to be able to participate, so pls arrive on time.
seating is limited and first come, first served.

our interaction with the outside world is effectively unconscious, some estimates say that only 0.01% of our neural activities are consciously fired, leading us to critically question the extent of our involvement in everyday actions and decisions. our conscious perception has been compared to a black box programmed, a serial protocol communication machine in a multi-parallel environment. in our digital age this analogy is undoubtedly pertinent: big data, quantum noises, chaotic information, political and social complexities, and cultural biases – this is an overflow of stimuli. the unconscious mind grasps everything to induce a comfortable intelligibility of our informational surroundings. there are some slips, glitches, biases, noisy assimilations, errors, cacophonic impressions. our vigilant apprehension of the environment is bent through our responsive apparatus as it seeks for meaning. parsing is easier through this processed conglomeration, producing spasmodic psychological illusions and phantomatic bleeps.

this episode in the noise meditation series will present the artistic and sensational possibilities of the concept of apophenia, in a sound perspective, through a saturated auditory scene filled with aural bodies.

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For more on phillipe vandal, visit his SoundCloud.

practice is an investigation of the capability of sound to induce different transcendental states of awareness and being. through a series of noise sets, practice explores the experiential application of theories underpinning the transformational properties of sound, such as cymatics, music therapy, sound healing, brain entrainment, and binaural-beat perception.

each session features a noise artist, who, informed by their own knowledge of sound, creates a immersive set intended to bend consciousness. listeners are encouraged to embrace a receptive, meditative attitude during sets.
we don’t mind if you’re new or old to noise or meditation.
if you’re curious to be engaged, to open yourself to new experiences and to hear some noise, then join us.

we have yoga mats available to use and listeners are invited to bring their own sitting paraphernalia if they please.

more info on practice, here  and here.

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