Spring Exhibitions Vernissage


Never Apart
7049 Rue St–Urbain
Montreal, QC H2S 3S4

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The new season at Never Apart brings renewed life and reflections about our transforming surroundings, the socio-technological systems around us and a celebration of bodies and fantasy.

Joins us for the vernissage of our Spring programming, we are launching 4 new exhibitions by Kacy Johnson, Evergon, Véronique Ménard and Janina Anderson.

Free entry. Music by Sies Marlan.


From April 19th through June 30th.

Kacy Johnson —”Female”
Gallery A

A collection of self-captioned portraits and audio recordings of women from around the world, FEMALE seeks to understand the female identity, searching for collective truths in volume, and unflinching individualism in the mosaic.

Choosing to present the women faceless is an effort to suggestively evoke what can’t be seen. Creating an experience that is simultaneously intimate and anonymous. Without a face as the central point for expression, the artist forces the viewer to create their own narrative about each woman, allowing them the opportunity to reflect their own judgment, objectification, and biases.

These faceless women strike a balance between vulnerability and empowerment, exclaiming their identity by unveiling what is infinitely more intimate than a face, a part that they themselves are unable to see every day.

Janina Anderson —”Cut-Outs”
Gallery B + C

Cut-Outs, is a three-dimensional collage installation, investigating how images carry the social, political, and culture values of those who create and distribute them. The work explores how collage can be used to highlight these constructions, how messages are changed as context is stripped away, and what meanings stubbornly stay behind.

Véronique Ménard — “[DES]Équilibres”
Theatre + Vitrine + Upper Gallery D

Through the study of the behaviour of objects and the analysis of human relations towards fractured poetic objects, this research/digital art creation considers the limitations and adaptive capabilities of living beings and artificial systems to accidental events within the aesthetic experience while questioning emerging behavioural transformations.

Evergon — “The Ramboys: A Bookless Novel (1995)”
Upper Gallery A + B + C

The Ramboys: A Bookless Novel (1995) depicts a fictional promiscuous boy culture with mythic and mystic overtones. Likened to Beaudelaire’s bastard novel, there is no official story line, but instead, a loosely connect series of vignettes. i.e. Since the wayward boys needed guidance, Ramba Mama, an ancient Hecate from an earlier time became the surviving Wisdom Goddess portrayed by his Mother, Margaret. Evergon loved the carnival atmosphere of the shoots and loved working with Polaroid products. Think it, have it!

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