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Traces of Life – April 7th
April 7th
Event: Discussion (30mins), followed by Q&R
Subject: Anthropology and Photography
Time: 2 pm to 4:30 pm

Where Anthropology, Art and Indian subcontinent meet
Kiran Ambwani & Mariette Raina

14h—3:30 pm Traditional India

Projection of the 3 min video “Windows to India” by Mariette Raina
Image and Recording |Mariette Raina
Montage and concept | Liliana Ortiz Casas

Discussion around the notion of “tradition” [traditional art, traditional yoga, traditional perspective]
Presentation of art pieces from India
Short reading and book discussion
Presenting the place of yoga as a practice in traditional India

3:30 pm—4:30 pm Indian subcontinent through the lens of an anthropologist

Kiran Ambwani is going to tell us about her travels and field (India, Nepal and Tibet), how she integrated photography to denounce but also help along social causes, such as prostitutes in India, the exile of the monks in Tibet, or after the earthquake in Nepal.

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