Age of Union

Exhibition Artists

Benoit Paillé
Neil Krug
Florence Yee
Nik Mirus
Stephane Poirier
Tess Roby

Exhibition Categories

Art from the book, Age of Union, by Dax Dasilva
Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Art Director and Curator Age of Union

They are part of the world, soak it in, and put themselves at risk to better feel it. Artists challenge reality, filtering the world through their senses, engaging in dialogue, and participating in its transformation. Inherently, the creative act conjures a union.

Age of Union reflects a contemporary paradigm, one marked by our era’s environmental concern. Five contemporary artists engage in different practices (photography, sculpture, painting, and digital media) and gather through a dozen chromatic works. You’ll find spectacular landscapes that have been tampered with, framed, or transformed. They represent an environment indelibly marked by the human hand, but also infused. Each one has been altered, containing memory, and bearing vital trace.

In curating the works that appear in both the exhibition and the book, we chose to adopt an intuitive approach over an intellectual one. Adding an important visual component to a text well-steeped in thought, these artists evoke a visceral response to the world we currently inhabit. Through their vibrant images, we may also project our view of a world we wish to inhabit. In this way, Age of Union presents immersive spaces and a radical idea: a set of intensities bound by a book.

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