Exhibition Artists

Elle Barbara (Montreal)
Jordan King (New York)
Kim Wood, (Quebec)

with contributions from:
Candis Cayne (Los Angeles)
Jaylene Tyme (Vancouver)
Annie Sprinkle (California)
Austin Young (California)
JD Doyle Archive (Texas)

Exhibition Categories

BIJOUX at Centre Never Apart celebrates the creativity and unabashed self expression of trans femme performance in nightclubs, cabarets, and drag venues. The exhibition highlights the artistry and traditions of individuals in Montreal, Vancouver, New York, and Paris, from the 1960s to present.

Through an array of media including archival video, portrait photography, costume, archival material and music, individual stories are shared as varied representations of the multi-faceted identities trans femmes embody.

As the title hints, the difficult yet delicate process of identity self-expression in performance has the potential to result in the creation of radiant jewels. Within drag culture, trans identity, which is a misunderstood, liminal space, the powerful moment of self acceptance and self determination through gender expression holds incredible beauty and promise for a trans celebratory future.

Virtual opening Thursday October 29th at 6pm EST on Never Apart’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Facebook event

Enter the virtual viewing room:

Watch Elle Barbara’s “Si j’étais un homme”

Video conception and direction: Elle Barbara
Video production : Antony Fortin, Philippe Gravel and Elle Barbara
Direction photo : Vjosana Shkurti
Editing: Alexander Storm
Art direction : Christopher Marlot
Latex: Robyn Germanese (Eating Black Feathers)
Make-up : Tika
Hair : Tutu
Color correction: Messingwithue
Special thanks to OFFTA and Videographe.

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