Canadian Animalize

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Ekaterina Antonova

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This is the second Animalize collection which features colorful majestic animals with eyes that inspire. To animalize means to arouse sensuality found in nature. By connecting with these animals, the viewer is invited to experience intimacy, discover a close affinity with them and their own animal nature.

The intention behind The Animalize project is to reconnect people with nature and wildlife. We have become so focused on our daily experiences that we have lost touch with what lies beyond our urban lifestyles. This has led to a lack of awareness on how our actions affect the environment and wildlife. Animalize reminds the viewer of nature’s brimming beauty, presence and need for care. Currently, 711 species in Canada face the risk of extinction. Destruction of animal habitats is a major contributing factor, including the conversion of forests and grasslands to urban and agricultural uses, commercial timber harvesting, hunting, fishing and the pollution of lakes and rivers.

Ekaterina’s goal is to bring Canada’s love of the wildlife back into the hearts of its people. Through the connections they feel when they gaze into the animals’ eyes, she intends to awaken the audience to their impact on animal. She hopes to inspire each person to look deeply into their current practices and question how they affect the environment and animals. With her paintbrushes in hand, she paints colors of awareness and consideration for the Canadian wildlife.

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