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At night, we become in some ways the adventurers of our own minds. By plunging deeper into the meanders of our imagination we learn to tame the Other, the Unknown. The series Cosmic Manifestations and ONEIROS are the result of researches and dreamlike visions transmitted through dreams and meditative visions. I build structured compositions that immerse the viewer in timelessness and the awakening of consciousness. A palette of vivid colors intertwined with chiaroscuro helps to convey the state of a dream and contribute to the dynamics of the whole. Most of the works in this series are marked by a certain darkness in order to favor this dive into a parallel and mysterious universe. This enveloping darkness is rather reassuring than frightening and adds to the art works a timeless touch. Time no longer exists, space is infinite, the spectator is thus confronted with a reality external to his own, which aims to initiate a reflection in relation to his own unconscious, his dreams (or nightmares) and his aspirations. Large formats are also favored in order to exploit the often present void that reinforces this idea of ​​timelessness and floating in space. Each created work thus becomes a cosmic manifestation in itself. These series aims to immerse the viewer in a universe similar to a waking dream, where consciousness and reality intertwine with the imaginary. My work travels through worlds awakening reflection on the connection between Universe and humankind.

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