Écran de Rêve (Screen Dream Bod)

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Matthieu Mauss

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MTLight Collective presents: Axe, Zoltan and Matthieu Mauss
Écran de Rêve (Screen Dream Bod)

MTLight is a collective that creates bridges between the plastic and digital arts by combining painting, video-mapping and interactivity in a creative and contemporary composite process.

Preoccupied with themes such as: image overconsumption, deceptive appearances and cyber-evasion, they explore the power of group creation by tapping into their childhood memories: from manga culture to video games to the television aesthetics of the 90s. The team combines mashup between low-tech and computer technology to break out of the confines of the frame and the screen.

Through the juxtaposition of media and their collaborative work, the artists seek to portray the encounter between the world of the imagination and the tools that define our culture. The space is occupied by screen structures. These Frankenstein-like assemblages represent almost mythological characters. Painted and covered with a luminous veil, they are made in the manner of exquisite corpses, symbolizing the heterogeneous hybridization of contemporary society. The playfulness of the installation stimulates the surrealist exploration of contemporary computer creation methods.

MTLight Collective


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