Exposition Micro_MAPP 2021 Facing Nothingness

Exhibition Artists

Jérôme Delapierre
Amele BM
Aude Guivarc’h
Isabella Salas
Adam Hummell
Maxime Damecour

Exhibition Categories

The pandemic that has hit us for more than a year now has created great voids in human relationships, in the cultural milieu and in the spaces of our lives. Confronting this emptiness is the basis of the creative gesture. The path of an artist is strewn with existential moments where he/she must face the void.

For this 6th edition of the MICRO_MAPP exhibition, as part of the MAPP_MTL festival, we are pleased to present 5 creations that explore the limits of their medium and propose an idea in front of nothingness.

photos: Yasuko Tadokoro

Jérôme Delapierre, Amele BM

This “accidental” sculpture between micro and macro space evokes a timeless imperfection that reveals an imaginary world. Between each layer, each world is discovered and reconstructed.
Like a miniature speleological dive, this work opens the doors to hidden places. Its imperceptible limits open up the field of possibilities, like an archeological dig through time and space.

A-VOID addresses both human and environmental issues, bearing witness to erosion, fall, chaos, deep chasms of nothingness …The traces of this effect attest to a constant sense of urgency.

Aude Guivarc’h

This installation is an allegory of the state of our planet and the impact of humans on its balance. It refers to the expression “there is no Planet B”.

Ecosystem Alpha is a 3D-printed mountain relief, representing a fictional natural environment imagined by the artist. Natural cycles, water, wind, erosion and seasonal changes are projected onto it. Seemingly immobile, indestructible reliefs formed over the eons come to life and reveal all their beauty.

However, when one gets too close, obstructs the projection or worse, touches its surface, the artwork reacts and generates a destruction sequence. It is then forced to restart its long and patient work of creation to regain equilibrium.

The interactive aspect of the installation aims at sensitizing the visitors. By disturbing the work, they are confronted with the result of their actions and their responsibility for the destruction of the ecosystem. The artist wants to provoke a drastic reaction, which will incite visitors to keep thinking about their own environmental footprint, and force them to make a choice: resist and appreciate the beauty of the environment or disrupt the ecosystem and be responsible for its destruction.

3D-printed with love at : Dix au Carré
Design, mapping and interactive programming : Hugo Daoust
Music : Olivier Landry-Gagnon

Isabella Salas

Micro mapping of Ancient scripts from far away places and cultures evolve together in a latent walk into visual poetry of the imaginary languages of the future.

Special Thanks
Anteism Books

Adam Hummell

Spectrum explores the juxtaposition and relationship between perceived perfection and flawed reality. As light takes its journey through a linear path, the interception of inevitable imperfections creates a beautiful resistance which derails and redirects. Through that warped channel, light turns pristinely broken and returns to its original fluid & abstract form. Spectrum presents the social experience of life through the lens of a POC.

Maxime Damecour

temps!réel is a portable kinetic sculpture platform that manipulates the motion of physical materials in the same way as a video edit. The sculpture is formed from materials such as thin cables or plastic meshes supported by a machine designed to simplify its deployment. The result is a physical material in a motion that creates a very sharp blurring of reality.

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