Imaginaires Collectifs (Collective Imaginations) MAPP_MTL

Exhibition Artists

​OXO​ ​Beatgender
Collectif OXO
Maud Sertour
Samy Barras
Yasmine Yahiatene
Amandine Vaccaielli
Lauraline Michel
Collectif Blackbox
Mathieu Désilets
Mathilde Joanny
Salim Lounis
Alexandre Lustigman
Jean-Claude Macena
Mariléa Rabbat
Xavier Tremblay
Fred Trétout
David Jhave Johnston
Anteism Books
​Manuel Chantre
Mourad Bennacer

Exhibition Categories


MAPP_MTL is exhibiting micro-mapping works of all forms – sculptural, filmic, installation art, augmented reality, immersive or responsive. The juxtaposition of these video mapping art works is non linear, and non formal, but sensual. The artists are invited to use light as their brush. They collectively augment the gallery space to transport us into the intimacy of their imagination. They transform our perception of digital art practices from the technical and hermetic to bring us to a more sensuous perspective. The exhibition makes us question the multiple spaces we occupy both individually and collectively, to invoke our Collective Imaginaries.

​OXO​ ​Beatgender
Collectif OXO (BE)
Maud Sertour
Samy Barras
Yasmine Yahiatene
Amandine Vaccaielli
Lauraline Michel

OXO BEATGENDER is an interactive audiovisual work, aiming to provoke reflections on the implication of unequal social relations related to gender in our societies. Art and technology allow to develop ideal playgrounds, so that reflections and debates can emerge around these questions. The themes on which we propose to work are the invisibilisation of women in history and through this subject, feminism, gender inequalities and more generally, violence against women and various minority groups.

The interactive mapping installation that we set up seeks to use the game to engage the debate. The aim is to get the audience to question themselves in a fun and collective way but also to bring out different points of view on a particular theme and put them in discussion. This work is intended for any type of audience.

OXO-BEATGENDER’s version targets 5 women who are invisible in history in order to promote their career, but more generally, to aware that women play an equally important role in any historical process. Indeed, many of them have been at the origin of inventions, struggles, discoveries… however, they are put away from the collective memory and for some of them, see their inventions attributed to men (Matilda effect). Through this work, we invite the public to learn to discover them but also to honor all known or unknown women who participate in building a fairer society.
From a more theoretical point of view, the feminist and gendered reading developed in this project seeks to highlight the hierarchical – socially constructed – relationship between men and women, the masculine and the feminine. In our collective imagination, women find themselves at the same time erased of the great scenes and success known to all. They also have restricted access to resources for empowerment. This reality also reflects the daily lives of different minorities who find themselves at the intersection of a variety of discriminations. We therefore seek to recall that these mechanisms of invisibilisation still operate at the moment.

​Objet interactif ​| no 2
Collectif Blackbox (CA)
Mathieu Désilets -Mathilde Joanny -Salim Lounis -Alexandre Lustigman -Jean-Claude Macena -Mariléa Rabbat -Xavier Tremblay

interactive object | No. 2 is an interactive audiovisual installation.
Simulations of physical objects and realistic materials are projected in a frame. It can be moved and rotated freely. The simulations react to the slightest displacement of the frame and their reactions vary from one use to another.

Our intention behind each creation is to appropriate a concept that challenges us and to use it as a guideline to create innovative visual and sound experiences.

For interactive object | n ° 2 we want to invert the physics of objects to break the collective imagination.

Fred Trétout (CA)

Asylum is a video projection installation on the theme of collective freedoms. A creature tries to go to an oasis but it only confront by barriers. The Canvasis the society where it lives, the choices of creatures are wisely studied and estimated in their calculations which combines history, sociology, and statistics.
Mechanical drawing on wood, video projection, metal frame.

Digital artist, Fred Trétout develops interactive installations at the intersection
between human performance and robot autonomy. His interests are to create extremely sensitive toys that only groups of intrepid minds can use. He wants to see evolve his creations and use many digital and natural mediums as possible.

David Jhave Johnston in collaboration with Anteism Books (CA)

A block of A.I.-generated text, massive and incomprehensible, can exude the presence of solid stone. Here, the cursor exists like a chisel.
It is 6 am. It is silent. The internet is off. Mind is hammer. I carve.
ReRites​ is a limited edition boxset — of 12 poetry books (generated by neural networks then edited by poet David Jhave Johnston) + 1 book of essays (about A.I and poetry) — published by Anteism Books, Montreal (2019). ​ReRites​ exhibit format is also over 120 hours of neural-net text-generation videos, 15 hours of human-editing-Ai videos, and a participatory-performance component called ​ReadingRites.

For MAPP_MTL, Anteism and Jhave will collaboratively (and minimally) micro-map the ReRites’​ Ai material, to suggest a reconfigured reading mode for the 21st century which blends algorithm, data, human intent and language toward poetic contemplation of the imminent creative synergy emerging between mind and machine.

​Manuel Chantre (CA)

The series of light-video sculptures are inspired by the moving circle as a basic element of the growth of certain plants. Isochronous – which has the same duration as another phenomenon – is expressed as much by the three-dimensional shape of the wooden sculpture as by the luminous movement. The shape of the sculpture and the video projection are created using mathematical formulas of the circle and the spiral. It is the circle and its cycle that unites the two mediums. The approach is inspired by the Fibonacci suite, a series of numbers that express the spiral growth of plants, such as pine cones or pineapple scales. It is through various introductory workshops on digital arts, video mapping, laser wood cutting and parametric design that the sculptures were created with the students.
Wood, acrylic paint, movie file player, video projector

Visual, new media artist and composer— Manuel Chantre creates sculptures, installations, performances and public art by including light, video projection, music, interactivity, the Web and digital fabrication. His works have been produced for international institutions in media art, prestigious events, art galleries, commercial projects, public art and private collections.Since 2004, his projects have been presented at more than 70 exhibitions in 15 countries in Americas, Europe and Oceania. Chantre explores the memory, the identity and spaces that are inhabited, imagined or virtual. ​

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