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Kiran Ambwani

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Light has obsessed humans since the dawn of time and as a photographer I find myself constantly observing, exploring, and playing with light. A lightstalker, I’m intrigued by different light sources, each with its unique qualities & characteristics. Light is at the core of this photographic ensemble, with the play of light and mirrors creating infinite reflections. A meditation on the zen notions of infinity and emptiness, this series is an exploration of a seemingly infinite space.
I usually work with natural light in my practice which consists mostly of portraiture & documentary projects on the human condition. With “Infinite Light” my work takes a radical turn toward pure experimentation & abstraction, as I visually explore the movement of light through fiber optics. I’m curious about the possibilities of illumination offered by these tiny light conductors as I explore the enigmatic, illusory, and transient nature of light. Paired with mirrors the possibilities of visual exploration are limitless. Streaks of light are created in the images by experimenting with camera settings in conjunction with the oscillation of light and its reflection in the mirrors, creating colorful light beams, themselves in motion. The process of creating these images, based on chance and intuition, produces surprising and unique results due to its experimental approach.
Presenting the images on a lightbox with animated LED lights brings back motion and light to the image. The LED lighting system can be remotely controlled, with the speed of oscillation dictating the mood created by the artwork, from meditative to elevated, thus engaging the viewer in the
As a visual storyteller, I aim to capture moments & experiences, and to visually share these instances, perspectives, and stories with my audience. My mission as a visual artist is to take the viewer on a journey, whether to visit a remote community through my documentary work, or to another universe with my more abstract projects like ‘Infinite Light’.
Creating a connection with my audience is essential in my artistic practice and with this series I invite viewers to participate in the experience.

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  1. Absolutely stunning imagery…didnt know this was possible with pure camera work. Thank you Lightstalker for this visual delight.

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