MAPP MTL 2020 Exhibition: The Unknown

Exhibition Artists

Cinzia Campolese
Aude Guivarc’h
Charlotte Risch
Isabella Salas & Anteism
Demande Spéciale

Exhibition Categories

We are living through an important period of transition in the history of mankind. This new paradigm forces us to confront social, economic, and cultural uncertainties. For artists and creators, the unknown is familiar territory. When faced with the endless possibilities of creation, there are uncertainties that the artist must always clear up and interpret in their own way. In wake of this particular era of the unknown, we are living a period of insecurity that artists have already integrated into their creative process.

With this in mind, this 5th MAPP_MTL micro-mapping exhibition presents new creative approaches to projection mapping and an introduction of this practice to the contemporary arts market.

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About the works and artists:

IRIS by Charlotte Risch

Ideated during quarantine, this piece echoes feelings of isolation. We are positioned on the outside, observing life through a window. Dynamic lightscapes cascade across layers of glass, plunging the viewer into an emotional journey through motion and sound.

IRIS is an invitation for contemplation. As the audience approaches the structure, they are given the choice to peek inside. Two windows each offer a different perspective of the reality inside; two unique experiences of the same event.

Special Thanks
Industrial design: Thomas Pagliuca
Music: Louis Joseph Cliche
Prototype: Eric Dizon

Ecosystem Alpha by Aude Guivarc’h

The concept of this installation is the result of the artist’s reflection on her travels around the world and the present global climate crisis. Ecosystem Alpha is a reaction to humanity’s global and persistent apathy in the face of our environment’s gradual destruction.

This 3D printed sculpture takes life with video mapping and, like a living organism, reacts to the visitors’ touch. Its topography, generated in 3D using procedural techniques, represents a fictitious landscape that the Artist would consider idyllic.
Whilst observing the installation, we can follow the passing of the seasons, and appreciate the cycle of water, tracing valleys and filling lakes. However, should an avid visitor approach the sculpture too closely or run their hand over the landscape, the system triggers a destruction cycle, representing human’s negative effects on nature. By taking part in the ecosystem’s fragile cycle, the visitors become sensitized to their impact on the environment.

Special thanks to Dix au Carré for the 3D printing

Buried thoughts by Curiosity

Camille Renaud with Olivier Maurice and Christophe Godon

“Buried Thoughts” is an interactive, visual and sound experience depicting the ideas that flow through the creative mind. As you dive into the unknown writer’s train of thoughts, you revisit his everyday life in the uncertainty of the pandemic of last march, which inspired him to write. A modern poetry opus involving the audience in the discovery of the Other.

An incursion into the Other’s thoughts, a connection to his emotions, a reflection on oneself.

Frame of reference by Cinzia Campolese

The piece creates a direct connection to a space – time relativity concept. Time does not progress at the same rate for everyone, everywhere, and the rate at which time passes depends on your “frame of reference”, as it is for the position of the visitor engaging with the piece.

The artwork consists of a double-sided mirrored rectangular surface with a visual composition projected in front of the mirror’s edge. This configuration recreates the illusion of a completed symmetrical image on the other side of the mirror. The entire visualization of the artwork is unique for each visitor and linked to their position in space.

The minimalist visual composition echoes the principle of rotation of a time measurement device and a constant cycle of perpetual evolution. Its luminous character, defined by the video projection, confides the ultimate ephemeral aspect of the piece, which further strengthens its relationship with perceptual temporal immateriality.

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