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MESSIAH 2.0 is the second transmission from the fourth mutation of [M]Dudeck’s queer religion and space opera, RELIGIONVIR.US. It features a series of transmedial hypericons centered around a messianic figure from the Fourth Age of their sci-fi mythology.

RELIGIONVIR.US stems from the conception of religion as a viral agent, capable of replicating within the living cells of its host. RELIGIONVIR.US transmissions, mutations and transmedial variants have thus far been performed, exhibited, screened and published in over twenty-five countries worldwide.

Dudeck decodes dominant Judeo-Christian iconographies, and re-mixes them into hybrid scriptures, (hyper)icons, technosermons and liturgies that seek to radically expand the category of the sacred. Their mythology centers around protagonists hosting alternate sexualities, alien genders, and a vast range of genitals, while practising interspecies sex with various sentient lifeforms in hybrid ecologies from an ancient future.

MESSIAH 2.0: THE GROWING OF A GOD chronicles the genesis, deliverance, tetrifixion and apotheosis of a genetically engineered messiah, through a sequence of audiovisual (hyper)icons woven together to produce a queer sci fi temple.

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