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Never Apart TV is an arts and culture news program giving a much needed voice to queer artists. Never Apart is a cultural organization with our headquarters and galleries located in Montreal Canada. Our mission is to create positive change and unity through art, bringing people together to end separation.

Episode #1
We celebrate Fierte in Montreal and chat with the Queen of Bounce Big Freedia and Drag Superstar Shangela and so much more – Hallelujah!

Episode #2
We chat with our Summer Exhibition artists, learn what makes a Never Apart Legend most and Celebrate Pride with Never Was Average, LSTW and Fariha Róisín!

Episode #3
We get our Drag Story time on With Fay and Fluffy, visit New York City and talk with the Legendary Linda Simpson about her Drag Explosion Slide show and a whole lot more!

Episode #4
We speak with all of our all artists about their exhibitions and hear from our music director Leticia Trandafir about NVA the musical division of Never Apart!

Episode #5
We chat with rocker and trans icon Lucas Silveira, travel to New York City and spend the day with the Legendary performance art and Drag Superstar Joey Arias and a whole lot more!

Episode #6
We have a visit with Toronto based music video director Sammy Rawal and chat with Queer icon and rock goddess Peaches about her prolific career and a whole lot more!

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