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Austin Young

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Austin Young presents Images from his long and celebrated career in portrait photography. Young is more accurately described as an image-maker: his projects illustrate the sublime qualities of character that make celebrated people 
unique. Based on a nuanced visual language of pop-culture iconography, his trademark style and techniques have captured a broad palate of musicians, artists and celebrities. Young confuses personality and identity issues in confrontational and unapologetic image-making of people who often mix gender roles or otherwise confound stereotypical constraints of socially-constructed identities.

Cover Image
Alaska Thunderfuck, 2014, 30×40

Other Images
Raja, 2011, 30×40
Ridge Gallagher, 2015, 30×40
Trixie Mattel, 2017, 30×40
Christeene Vale, 2012, 30×40

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