Shadows to Silver/Nuance

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Michael Chambers

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“As an artist, I use my camera as a tool to look at people and my surroundings again for the first time. My objective is to celebrate the various aspects of the human condition, defying categorizations. Being truly motivated by the camera’s ability to capture a moment in time, I am therefore portraying stories in a single image frame. I became fascinated with documenting moments of stillness, the distortion of shapes and the reflection of light echoing visions of solitude. I find that my quest for harmony and the impact of life’s repeatedly curving path have informed the course of my creative expression.

I am here and we are present as history walks by our side as the future stands before us.

My wish is to capture fantasies that ponder moments of life’s distractions. To distort, reshape and dance in the reflection of light that echoes the sound of silence is my ultimate goal. The camera..

I have chosen to photograph subjects whether it be in black and white or with the kaleidoscope of characters that is colour, setting them against a stark background, or the juxtaposition with tumultuous skies. Capturing our vulnerable forms against the harsh environment is a celebration of human survival. Light and shadows being key elements in my work, it establishes a relationship, and with that comes conflicts and perhaps even contradictions.

As I challenge the concept of storytelling in a single frame, I want to invite the viewer on my journey of emotions. This evolves from the darkness of our fears and desires which moves toward the light that reflects our interpretations.”

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