The Ramboys: A Bookless Novel

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The Ramboys: A Bookless Novel depicts a fictional promiscuous boy culture with mythic and mystic overtones. Likened to Beaudelaire’s bastard novel wherein there is no official story line, but instead, a loosely connect series of vignettes. i.e., Since the Ramboys could not reproduce, they stole Moonbabies. Since the sometime wayward boys needed guidance, Ramba Mama, an ancient Hecate from an earlier time in their evolution became the surviving Wisdom Goddess. There was no one better to play this role than his own Mother, Margaret. She had spent her married life supporting and rescuing the young gay boys of Niagara Falls, including her two sons, from the perils of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s censorship and persecution.

The young Evergon was attracted to the men of Physique Magazines that were sold at the local drugstore and delivered over the counter in a brown paper bag. In his late teens, he was more attracted by slimmer body types.

Evergon loved the carnival atmosphere of the shoots and loved working with Polaroid products.
Think it, have it!
The large studio cameras housed at the Polaroid foundations produced 20” x 24” and 40” x 80” lush colour photographs. Secondly, the Polaroid 665 Black & White film gave both an image and a usable negative of extremely high quality. By peeling this film apart under bright light, a sabattier effect gave way to voids of grey where ‘fiction’ could enter the images.

In evolution, Evergon left the studio and started photographing the Ramboys in the landscapes; thus creating an authentic, anthropological document evidencing a history paralleling humankind.

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  1. Always wonderful, intriguing work !

    Mark Prent

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