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Kamissa Ma Koïta

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From a queer and decolonial perspective, I question the channels of social domination and the various forms of control in modern societies, focusing primarily on the condition of subordinated groups. My experimental and undisciplinary practice is fueled by my socio-political context, feminisms, alterglobalization movements, and pop culture. My intersubjective approach leads me to either collaborate or work in a collective as I reflect on social entity as creative material.

The TransFormation series addresses the legitimacy and self-determination of the decolonization genre, as collage aims to be a tactic of self-preservation and resistance. Cut up. Segment. Deconstruct to reassemble. The subversive notion of these collages’ representations is enhanced by the genre’s agency as an instrument of social transformation. This becomes a way to create our own world, a space and time where we can be recognized as full human beings rather than abominations.

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