NVA DJ Workshop Video Recap

“NVA Workshop” is a series of workshops demystifying various aspects of DJ practice, aimed at empowering the local community with knowledge and a space to learn hands-on.

The first edition, taught by J’vlyn D’Ark, took an in-depth look at DJ mixers: signal flows, gain structure, EQs, filters, mixing techniques, and more. The instructor will discuss and demonstrate the Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus and the Allen&Heath Xone 92.

The second edition, taught by Darryl from DC Electronics, took an in-depth look at Technics 1200 turntables:Overview of the history, a detailed look at all the functions and parts of a Technics 1200, how to check and set up your turntable, DJing tips and more!

The third edition, taught by softcoresoft, was an in-depth look at rekordbox, the free Pioneer software that allows you to manage your music library, analyze your tracks, make playlists and export your music for CDJs.

The fourth edition, also taught by softcoresoft, took an in-depth look at Pioneer CDJs 2000 nexus, the digital decks which have become ubiquitous enough to be called “industry standard.” Although we believe that there is no good or bad tool when it comes to DJing, many of you are curious to get familiar with CDJs, as their price tag make them inaccessible to most people for home practice.

Music: Generating the Divine Within by softcoresoft, Humidex 001

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