NVA Music Celebrates 5 Years with a Fundraising Zine

NVA —Never Apart’s Music Division—celebrates its five years with a photo zine encapsulating half a decade of music shows, community workshops, talks and rave posters.

All sales of this zine will be donated to the Native Women’s Shelter in Montreal.

From legendary performances by artists like Marie Davidson, Eris Drew, Yves Tumor, Adam X, Umfang and many more. Reminiscing on five editions of NVA Equinox, our yearly collaboration with Eastern Bloc, our infamous off-site at Cinéma l’Amour, and many more, this zine represents an a glimpse from an entire generation of music lovers, ravers, venues and moments that have helped shape Montreal’s musical underground.

Zine designed by Samantha Garritano

Photos by Saad-Al Hakkak, Bruno Destombes and more.

Buy Your Copy Here.

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