NVA Podcast: dull

Raised in Provence by French and American parents, dull moved to Montreal in 2009 to study Film Production and is currently based in the city.

His fascination for the wirings between sound and image pushed him to study jazz and sound design in parallel to his cinema program, elaborating on a humble childhood piano practice. Although his visual appetite remains, his current expressions are anchored in music and navigate between scoring for dance (LA TRESSE Collective, AP&A, Heather Stewart Dance), solo releases (Listening Blue, Liberation Through Hearing, Ltd, W/Lbl), live performance (MUTEK, StereoBar, Never Apart) and compulsive digging.

His latest effort, Odd Year LP, combines immersive sound-design and esoteric songwriting to convey his take on r&b, house and dub techno. Early support has been voiced by e c h o s p a c e, Detroit while the music platform Music Is My Sanctuary likens the album to Jan Jelinek and 1990s Matthew Herbert.

An ode to the thrill of Montreal’s long-awaited summer days, this dusty mix entitled “chapeau des roues” is anchored in dull’s passion for house music’s timeless sensuality.

Photo: Mallory Lowe

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