NVA Podcasts — Noche En Blanco Latinx (Re)mix

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Leticia Trandafir
April 9th, 2018


Our NVA x Eastern Bloc event Noche en blanco: Latinx (Re)mix celebrated the many facets of diasporic latinx creative identities while including a series of media installations and high-level musical performances.

Listen to the various live and DJ sets of the night and hear the different takes on latinx music: from live-coded sonic landscapes, to latin trap, to rave-inspired grooves and relentless techno.

Artists featured:


As a producer, DJ, and international radio host, DEBIT has been called “an impeccable talent” (i-D). She has co-hosted Oraculo with Riobamba at The Lot radio for over a year. DEBIT has done radio and performance with diverse bands throughout North and South America since 2010 and has DJed with NAAFI, Ghetto Gothik, MIXPAK, ARCA, Jubilee, Nick Hook & many other defining artists of our time.

She’s been an influential force in the Mexican experimental, electronic and club scene since 2012. Since relocating to New York in 2015, she has become an activate figure in the latino diasporas musical aesthetics and circuits.

Ranging from dance to ambient music and with a clear deconstructive approach, she works with blends of Latino and club beats, dramatic accents, baroque synths and polymorphous textures. She believes in a self sustaining sonic message without resorting to obvious tricks and effects. She participated in RBMA Bass Camp at Bonnaroo 2017. In February 2018, she released an acclaimed LP entitled ‘Animus’ on the NAAFI label, which FACT magazine deemed to be one of the best releases of early 2018.

Pituca Putica

Pituca Putica was born and raised in Lima (Peru), migrating to Montreal four years ago. This reggaetonera plays the classics back to back with the newest of the Latin urban genre. Expect trap in Spanish, Jersey club and ‘cunt trax’ as well.

Teo Zamudio from

Originally from Mexico City, now based in Montréal, Teo Zamudio’s skill set as a designer, web developer, artist and musician fuses many senses. In his role as an art director, and half of design studio Freyja & Zamudio, he has worked with clients such as Jon Rafman, Turbo Recordings and Ryan Hemsworth. A co-founder and active member of, a research and performance collective dedicated to the creation of experimental and socially aware audiovisual work, he contributes both musically and visually, his specialties lying in mapping, projection, motion design and installations.

Rodrigo Velasco

Rodrigo Velasco is a visual artist and computer musician from Ecatepec, Mexico. Under the alias yecto, Velasco improvises dialogues between polyrhythmic computer music and audio-reactive visuals exploring synaesthetic dimensions through live coding.

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