Supa Rush

In these times of both uncertainty and powerful upheaval, dealing with 2020’s reality of a global pandemic and isolation, along with Black Power uprisings, we put on our rose tinted lenses to celebrate hope through creativity with some of our chosen family in fantastical Wiggle ensembles and use the magical safer space of Never Apart in Montreal to activate a dreamy vision of a parallel world.

Directed by Michael Venus
Filmed by Michael Venus and Fritz Bon Bon
Music by Michael Venus and Teyshan (Synth Sound)
Edited by Jack Fox
Produced by Never Apart

Fritz Bon Bon
Andrew Tay
Sylvain Brochu
Sofie Tremblay
Veronique Mystique
Luc Riendeau
Michael Venus
Dax Dasilva
Emma Dora Silverstone-Segal

Shot on location in Montreal Canada 2020

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