Talk: Mycosymbiosis with William Padilla-Brown

Never Apart continued its new online speaker series: Conversations in Environmental Justice. This series of lectures opens up a space to discuss ecology, plants and food, at the intersection of social and environmental justice. For the last talk of the year, we spoke with William Padilla-Brown, founder of MycoSymbiotics, social entrepreneur, citizen scientist, mycologist, musician and wearer of many other hats.

Homeostasis will not be achieved without symbiosis with local systems, both social and ecological. Fungi are ancient organisms that have learned to live in balance with their local systems. Developing a mutually beneficial association with local fungi will lead to incredible insights, medicine, food security, ecologically restoration, and much more. Follow my story into MycoSymbiosis and learn how you can achieve symbiosis with your local systems by working with and thinking like fungi!

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