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Rental Information

We rent our space for conferences, seminars, bootcamps, talks, screenings, photo shoots and video shoots. Please note that we do not allow parties, private art openings or product launches.

Our team evaluates each rental proposal on a case by case basis.

If you wish to rent our space, please tell us as much as possible about your event.

For a walkthrough of our space, watch this video.

We offer two prices:

1. Corporate Rental

If you are a company or private renter:

5000$ + taxes for an 8 hour day + 175$ cleaning fee and any other technical requirement.

For rentals longer than 8 hours additional charges apply.

Charges of 1800$ will apply per block of 4 extra hours.

2. Non-profit Rental

If you are a non-profit organization:

3000$ + taxes for an 8 hour day + 175$ cleaning fee and any other technical requirement.

Please provide the Certificate of Incorporation of your Non-Profit.

For rentals longer than 8 hours additional charges apply.

Charges of 1200$ will apply per block of 4 extra hours.

Important Information for all Rentals:

You must contact us at minimum one month prior to your event. Two to four months prior is ideal.

The full rental fee must be paid in order to reserve the date of your event at Never Apart.

Our space is wheelchair accessible only on the first floor.

All events must be completed by 8pm as we are located in a residential area.

If you wish to serve or sell alcohol, you must apply and obtain a Reunion Permit from the RACJ (Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux). We require a copy of the permit prior to the event. We suggest you submit your Reunion Permit application at least 3 weeks ahead, as it takes about 2 weeks to obtain the permit.

During our seasonal exhibitions and while those exhibitions are on display, we are not able to temporarily take down any artworks for special events.

The rooms available for rentals are: the Kitchen space, the Mezzanine space, the Conference Room and the Theater (some restrictions may apply).

The capacity of our centre is 250 including all staff.

A penalty fee will be charged for crowd exceeding 250 people.

Depending on the size of your event, you will also be required to provide qualified security agents. You can hire your own security staff or contact us for a recommendation. We require (1) one security agent per 100 people.

We are happy to provide recommendations for bar services and catering companies, including vegan and vegetarian options.

For food on site, you can choose your own caterer, but please be aware that our policy is to work with suppliers that are sustainable and eco-friendly—vegetarian and vegan options are preferred. More details on this subject will be available during your location visit.

Smoking is prohibited indoors. Smoking is only permitted in the garden area or outside.

We do not allow the use of smoke machines.

To make a rental booking or for further questions please email us at info@neverapart.com

Please include the following information: date, time, cause/purpose, detailed description of the event, number of people expected including staff, detailed schedule, etc.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.