DPD#mtl.08 – Good Will Come to You (Un Blonde)


Never Apart
7049 Rue St–Urbain
Montreal, QC H2S 3S4

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It is now time for Jean-Sébastien Audet’s (Un Blonde) latest album, Good Will Come To You, to penetrate people’s ears and soul via a DIE POD DIE listening session. In collaboration with M for Montreal, the session will focus solely on this album to ensure a quality listening experience and a thoughtful discussion.

As always, you will hear the album through state of the art sound equipment, in a cosy and laid-back environment at the lovely Never Apart, followed by a discussion (+ Q&A with the public) between Jean-Sébastien Audet and Nick Schofield (Best Fern, Saxsyndrum, CKUT) who will dig deep into the epic 21 song album.

DIE POD DIE is as simple as it sounds : listen to entire albums front to back through a high-fi set-up and invite the artists to discuss their work, always ensuring a proximity between the audience, the artist and the music.

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