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Come discover kashmirian yoga, a direct transposition of the orientation of the non-dual shiva Tantras of northern India. This yoga dives into the heart of the sensation. The goal is not the performance of the posture, but seeks to highlight the memories, habits, reactivities and defenses that inhabit the body structure. This progressive deconditioning of the body and the psyche, through the sensation, will allow to integrate a better apprehension of the emotions, a letting go and a greater listening without need to interfere. This approach naturally infuses everyday life without any intervention.

Mariette teaches Kashmirian yoga in Quebec, Europe and South America where she regularly travels. She has a master’s degree in anthropology from the Université de Montréal where she specializes in ethnology (anthropology of the body and religions). She wrote her thesis on the question of tradition in modernity. Mariette has been writing monthly articles for Never Apart magazine since 2016, dealing with Indian culture and metaphysics, as well as art and reflections on life.

  • Schedule

10 to 11am —> Practice

11 to 11:30am —> discussion

  • Pricing

INTERAC transfer: 25$

At the door the same day: 30$

  • Bring your yoga mat


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