Practice #11: Scent and Sound


Never Apart
7049 Rue St–Urbain
Montreal, QC H2S 3S4

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saturday, april 22nd, 5pm, free entry
never apart
7049 saint-urbain
we would like all guests to be able to participate, so pls arrive on time. seating is limited and first come, first served.

sound artist jeremy young pairs up scent artist and zen buddhist chaplain alex beth to guide a collective meditation through scent and sound.

scent is one of our strongest senses in its ability to recall images, memories and distant forgotten moments. when combined with meditative sonic blankets, we are deeply excited to explore what landscapes of memory this compound will evoke.

our memories and associations shape how we perceive and interact with the world. through awareness of our memories and the way they influence our thoughts, we can better navigate our lives. in this meditation, a combination of senses are engaged, welcoming the power to invoke deep memories, thoughts, and feelings nesting below the surface.

emotions are known to enhance our memories. memories paired with emotion tend to be rich and intense with the potential to have sustained affect on our mental processes. our senses, particularly scent and sound, are known to provoke our emotions. together, our senses, memories and emotions are encoded and encapsulated in a way that carries with us.

awareness of the memories and emotions recalled when introduced to the associated scents and sounds can give us greater insight and self-knowledge, which is known to foster compassion for ourselves and others.

in this meditation, an aromatic soundscape invites participants to allow their associated memories to unfold and rise into awareness. in this collective engagement in the present, we share our quiet conscious attention in existential absorption.

in two sets a subtle narrative is created through sounds by young and aromas by alex beth. using materials from jean talon market, alex beth strays from essential oils and employs techniques such as toasting, cracking, burning and simmering to open and disseminate fragrances, while young moves between a variety of instruments, objects and electronics to sew together a floating cloud of noise.

this set is inspired by a friendship and love for one another, moment by moment, as we create a space for contemplation with you all.

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