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Sean Mundy

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Probing at the empty centers of socially constructed value systems, Hollow proposes surreal re-imaginings of the everyday collective happenings of our world. Removed from reality just enough to invoke the uncanny, the images hold up a mirror to what we often overlook and accept without question.

With the criticism of traditions that we as society continue to uphold despite awareness of inherent flaws or outdated irrelevancies (thinking especially of political, religious, and economic structures) at the center of Mundy’s intentions, the photos that make up Hollow present austere moments of dissonance between the individual, separate states of self, and collective systems.

In association with Think Outside The Box:

Sean Mundy (Montreal, Canada)


En se libérant de vieilles structures sociales, religieuses, économiques et politiques, Mundy créé des images qui explorent la discordance entre l’individu et ses tentatives d’établir des liens avec les autres.

Présenté en collaboration avec Think Outside The Box:

Sean Mundy (Montréal, Canada)

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