I’m Not Sure What You Mean? Tu m’perds, là


Never Apart
7049 Rue St–Urbain
Montreal, QC H2S 3S4

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A short film and video program about queer ambiguities, awkward intimacies and youthful initiations; the feeling of being lost in translation and the necessity to make new languages, with all of the hesitations, uncertainties and ellipses this entails.

A short film and video program by Jess Lee & Rebecca Ladida

doors 6pm
screening 7pm
followed by Q&A

Part I

When the Kid Was a Kid (2011)
Anahita Ghazvinizadeh,
Iran, 16:55
(Persian with English subtitles)

2 Snakes (2014)
Kristin Li, Krizzly Man
Canada, 9:30
(English subtitles)

My mother and her sister always argued in arabic, i never understood what was said (2016)
Rami George
USA, 5:04
(English with English subtitles)

Part 2

Sweet Affliction (2017)
Jess Lee, Canada, 7:28
(English with french subtitles)

Playing Games (2016)
Hannah Welever, USA, 5:35

Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush (2015)
Alli Logout, USA, 21:58

*Thank you to the Groupe d’intervention Vidéo as well as all the video artists and directors.

About the LGBT Film Series

A series of on-site events geared towards LGBT people to promote a positive lifestyle and a safe environment with unique programming and educational screenings to broaden and elevate minds while also building community.

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