Best Of: Vernissages

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Dax Dasilva
February 9th, 2022


The magic of Never Apart came together in its most vivid form at the Vernissage—a seasonal art opening that would welcome over a thousand visitors in an evening. They came for a chance to experience the season’s new exhibitions—carefully curated to celebrate creativity, expression, diversity and a fervent love of art. Coupled with performances and musical acts, the Vernissage became a happening that would gather the culturally-inclined and art-curious, filling every corner of the building and spilling out into the garden and pool. While the freshly-revealed artwork was front and center, often unveiled by the artists live, it also was the moments between people, connected across cultures by culture, that brought our mission to life—ending separation, and being Never Apart.

Below is a selection of recap videos from five of some of the most memorable Vernissages. Enjoy.

Summer 2016



Spring 2017



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