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Mariette Raina
February 9th, 2022


In 2016, as the Magazine was at its premises, Dax Dasilva – founder of Never Apart – decided to create a section dedicated to spirituality. We called it “In Spirit”. I published my first article on May 16th, it was the beginning of a long journey that lasted until the end: I wrote a total of fifty articles in 6 years.

The articles reflect my travels to India (A Letter From India, Inner Journey), Brazil (Reverence), Chile and France, the encounters with people who – from any background they could have – had in common a spiritual approach to their craft (Chloé and her flowers, Cédric and his bread, first nation artist Soleil, photographer Stéphane Desmeules), life events (a reflection on Anxiety and Insecurity During a Pandemic with Nathalie Delay, today’s world seen through someone who has lived a war), and all kinds of reflections I have met along the way (About The Physical Pain, What Fighting Teaches Us, The Body In Art, etc)

If I had to pick five of my favourite articles, I would say that Akhara pulse (2016) and Dev Bumi (2017) are on the top of my list: I loved the journey, documenting the research and the readings that came with it.

On a more intimate and personal level, Letter To My Child (2020) is the one another article I would highlight. Finally, art has always been part of my life and a fascination for all the metaphysical aspects that can be hidden in it.

Living Space (2019) and The Philosopher Sculptor (2019) are two pieces that reflect well my quest to unveil the invisible mystery of life.

I’m thankful for this platform envisioned and created by Dax Dasilva, and also grateful to Michael, Leticia and Jordan who enabled the magazine to thrive all these years. Transition is always a good thing. Whatever stops in the opportunity for renewal. Let’s see what life has in store for us in this next chapter of Age of Union!

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