Practice: Jeremy Young


Practice, curated by Jann Tomaro, is a series exploring sound that facilitates deep listening and meditative states.

Jeremy Young is a composer and improviser of concrète electronic tape music from Montreal, Quebec. He’s a member of the Montreal-based experimental poetry_sound unit Cloud Circuit, alongside writer Deanna Radford, and the electroacoustic modern classical trio Sontag Shogun. His most recent solo LP, Amaro, was released in May 2021 on Thirsty Leaves Music.

About Practice: Practice is an investigation of the capability of listening practices to induce different states of awareness and being. this project explores the experiential application of theories underpinning the transformational properties of sound, such as cymatics, music therapy, sound healing, brain entrainment, and binaural-beat perception. fostering listening experiences for individuals within a group context is at the heart of practice. this series facilitates a shared space for a deeply personal experience of going inward, communally. the project is undergirded by burgeoning literature on music and listening practices, which demonstrates positive mental health outcomes through relaxation, pleasure, mindfulness, and reflexivity. most importantly, practice is a series that collaborates with musicians and draws from the unique knowledge these artists hold about sound, listening, and connection.

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