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Never Apart
7049 Rue St–Urbain
Montreal, QC H2S 3S4

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** This is a FREE Event, open to all ages! **

A Look at Canada’s Fashion Industry
What does it take to be a fashion designer in Canada? Follow fabulous designers Jason Matlo, Som Kong and others as they take us through the process of becoming a designer and building a successful brand. Directed by Rami Mikhail

Michael Venus will be conducting a Q&A with director Rami Mikhail and special guest: Candian Fashion Designer DUY Nguyen after the film.

Also On Exhibit:

Paintings and Film by Sylvain Tremblay
Gallery A, B, C and Theatre.

“It all started in Vietnam more than fifteen years ago when I accompanied an adoption agency on a visit to an orphanage. A baby referred to as a ‘hermaphrodite’ was placed in my arms. All around us, doctors were discussing what they were going to make this baby into, a girl or a boy? This moment made an indelible mark on me.”

Sylvain Tremblay

by Kelly Nunes and Adam Hummell

The Sun Room is a permanent installation located on
the second floor, conceived by Kelly Nunes and Adam
Hummell. This sister installation to the Moon Room
combines a ceiling mounted LED Sun with SAD light
boxes for heliotherapy, within a room architecturally
augmented to eliminate sense of depth and time by
means of complete light immersio

The Invite
Celebrating the art of the party flyer design in Canada from the late 80’s – early 2000’s.

Never Apart is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada, determined to bring about social change and spiritual awareness through programming with global reach and impact.Never Apart seeks to educate on equality, the environment and conscious living, while celebrating both established and emerging artists.

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