NVA Off-Site 3:
Adam X / Jesse-Osborne Lanthier / /||\||\


6820 Rue Marconi
Montreal, QC
H2S 3K1

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$15 Advance / $20
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After a brief hiatus following sweaty summer loft parties and an unforgettable two-room Equinox event, NVA is happy to usher in its Fall Off-Site program with the legendary Adam X.

Adam co-founded New York record store turned techno label institutionSonic Groove in 1990 with his brother Frankie Bones, and also helped organize some of New York City’s first warehouse parties. We are proud to host him in his natural habitat, for 820Plaza’s late night premiere.

His reputation precedes him as both an innovator and a DJ. Whether it be through his many guises as Adam X, ADMX-71, or Traversable Wormhole, his performances purvey an intensity and confidence of a master at the helm of an almost organized chaos.

On support are two acts leading the way for Montreal’s avant-garde, both locally and abroad. Coming off European dates which saw him play side-by-side with some of Raster-Noton’s finest, Berlin-based Jesse Osborne-Lanthier’s live sets serve up analogue-heavy experimental electronics that are as much dance floor functional as they are at-home meditative. Juxtapose that with the coolly pronounceable /||\||\ project of Milo Reinhardt and Teodoro Zamudio, which will see the duo open up our evening exploring heady conceptual soundscapes paired with a stunning visual show.

ADAM X (Sonic Groove)
/||\||\ [LIVE] (

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