L’homme à l’aise

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Danica Olders

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There is a man. He is reading.
He sits in a metal chair with a wooden seat and backrest. It is subtly crafted to a permanent recline. All around him is green grass. It is between spring and summer, and the green is so vibrant it is difficult to read. He often sets down his book to stare at the grass.

Territory can be experienced as the ownership of space and of self. The environment and objects in which the body designs and interacts with are carefully chosen out of necessity and routine. The space created in this installation, is a conversation between the past lives of discarded seats and their transformation into works of art. Their intended uses linger beneath the layers of application, adding voice to the overall theme. Meaning can be pieced together by connecting the relationship of the symbols employed, while physically navigating the space. In this installation, the works are made for the body, but not meant to be used by the body. The sculptures each have a particular voice and together communicate about the relationship between work and leisure, asking questions of each other and of you.

Virtual Opening May 7th, 6pm EST.

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