Parallel Realities: Micro-Mapping Exhibition by MAPP_MTL

Exhibition Artists

Katsuki Nogami
Daniel Iregui
Philippe Dubost
JS Baillat
Bay Dam
Souleymane Konaté

Exhibition Categories

PARALLEL REALITIES is the 3rd edition of the micro-mapping exhibition by MAPP_MTL. The works raise questions about our perceptions of reality, by exploring alternative visions and alterations of our surrounding spaces.

MAPP_MTL’s micro-mapping exhibitions aim to introduce projection mapping creation into the realm of galleries and art fairs, and to break the conception that mapping is an ephemeral creation.

The exhibition is supported by the Conseil des arts de Montreal, Christie Digital and Centre Never Apart .

Katsuki Nogami (Japan)

Our body is always restricted by technology like a hand stuck on a smartphone. With filters, our selfies have become abstracted—even if cameras have a high resolution. Modern Body is the artist’s raw face without those filters.

Daniel Iregui (Colombia-Canada)

Amplitude is an ongoing research using kinetic sculptures that place the viewer on front of her distorted reflection. Mirrors hanging on walls undulate at a very fast frequencies appearing to be a door into a different reality.

Philippe Dubost (France)

Inspired by Boris Vian’s novel L’Écume des jours, the Pianocktail is a living and playful piece that brings notes and music to the visible world. It’s the encounter between sound waves and moving photons. All chords played on the piano resonate through projected light and pixels with their own specific identity. A special moment of harmony frozen in a unique tableau to be taken away.

NEW DEPTHS (Canada-Mexico)

With their latest work New Depths (2018), explore the potential of augmented reality and question whether ‘the portal’ as a concept has shed its ties to science fiction. Creating a gateway to a dimension extending beyond our immediate reality, New Depths reflects on technologically mediated aspects of existence and how new technologies continue to transform our experiences and understanding of the world.

Bay Dam (Senegal) + Souleymane Konaté (Ivory Coast)

Medium in an interactive, expressive and audiovisual board which responds to its environment and audience with sound, touch and animation. Inspired from a trip along West Africa, it aims to create interactions with the public, mostly in a passive way. After having positively gone through multiples cultural shocks, the artists try to deconstruct popular beliefs about places in the world that sometimes they’ve never visited.

by JS Baillat + Ottomata + Diagraf (Canada)

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