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February 9th, 2022


Over the years, we have worked on digital content and events that support Collective Culture’s mandate to prioritize the voices of BIPOC through content development and programming. Our partnership began in 2017 with our first event, CC: MTL. My list would not be complete without it. This event was a three-day festival focused on the hypervisibility and invisibility people of colour experience in Canada. I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish here. Next is CC: Creative Conversations the Podcast. Hosted by myself and Mouna Traorè, and produced and edited by Anna Akoto. We had so many great guests on but talking to Dr. Moya Bailey was definitely one of the highlights of the show’s season. Next is Revisiting CC X CIINEMA. This virtual event was so much fun and allowed Mouna and me to recontextualize one of our favourite projects from 2017, CIINEMA. Finally, the rest of the list includes my favourite pieces from CC: Column. These articles were honest and authentic and reflected the diversity of content we could produce for our column. I am so grateful for everything we’ve accomplished with Never Apart.


Keesha’s photo by: Jacqueline Ashton, Makeup Artist: Cassandra Fulleron Stylist: Mecha Clarke



CC: Column – “I think I Broke My Brain” (Feb 2021) and “An August Anniversary” (August 2021)

CC: Column – “A Legacy of Love” (May 2021) and “Talking to God” (June 2021)

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