Radio Never Apart Episode 18: DJ Cozmic Cat

In this episode: Toronto-based producer and DJ Cozmic Cat.

Born in Canada (with an impressive international upbringing across multiple continents) Cozmic Cat spent time in Philadelphia and New York in the late 90s to early 2000s.  She returned to Toronto and remained in high demand until the COVID pandemic hit.  Hear her incredible story and how she has not skipped a beat despite the challenges of 2020.

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Radio Never Apart is focused on nightlife culture and history, to date exploring major cities in North America.  It launches monthly as part of the Never Apart online magazine and as April 2021 is available on OutTV’s podcast lineup.

The podcast has featured some incredible people involved in various aspects of nightlife, fashion, and performance across North America, from DJ’s, to promoters, producers, models, and many more contributors to underground queer culture.

Find Jordan King here.

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