Six Picks: softcoresoft

Ahead of her debut performance for NVA next month (more details on that soon), softcoresoft joined us for a day to peruse our record collection, which saw her hone down hundreds of records to the choices you see down below.

softcoresoft has slowly emerged as an enthusiastic member of Montreal’s DIY techno scene— a community that has seen a hotbed of newcomer activity as of late, but one in which she has been able to distinguish herself. This past year has seen her play Piknic Electronik, POP Montreal, MUTEK’s collaboration with MAPP MTL, and many of the aforementioned DIY offshoots, where she has played in both live (under different monikers) and DJ capacities.

She has also been quite active on the interwebs, with her monthly Friday night RAVELENGTH radio show on, and in her outspokenness on issues facing dance music today, especially those concerning gender and sexuality, of which her academic studies also pertain to. A regular at Frankie Teardrop‘s queer LIP party, softcoresoft represents a new generation of electronic musicians in Montreal using music as a vehicle to voice opinions and communicate with like-minded individuals in tackling some of the larger social issues we face in such communities.


Biochip C. - Kaori

Label: Force Inc. Music Works
Country: Germany
Released: 1995

Incredible track— an eerie electro slow jam with acidic tinges. I love that kick pattern and those “breathy” samples.

Ruff Draft - Lone Ranger / Shining

Label: Ruff Draft
Country: Germany
Released: 2012

One of the first records I spotted in the collection. Danji (who plays as Anabasine) showed me this track and I’ve since been obsessed. It’s a breakbeat gem, a masterpiece.

Various - 10/100

Label: Kanzleramt
Country: Germany
Year: 2004

I can’t get enough of this kind of hypnotic techno. Those driving hi-hats, that stomping kick and those massive synths… this track is up to no good, in the best way possible.

Emmanuel Top - Sherique [Spherik]

Label: NovaMute
Country: UK
Released: 1996

This is an artfully crafted minimalistic techno production. Emmanuel Top is one of the greatest acid producers of all time. That shifty hi-hat pattern is so good!

Hardcell - Low End

Label: Skunkworks
Country: Sweden
Released: 2001

This is a big room banger for sure, a great piece of Swedish techno. I’m always on the lookout for intricate 4/4 kick patterns like these.

Oliver Ho ‎– Becoming Inanimate

Label: Surface
Country: UK
Released: 1997

That evil synth loop and those noisy textures are really nice. I love to play tracks in the 135-140 BPM tempo range.

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